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The 110th Canton Fair in 2011 2011-09-24
The 109th Canton Fair in 2011 2011-03-22
The 108th Canton Fair in 2010 2010-10-14
ELECRAMA-2010 2010-01-12
China National Day In 2009 2009-09-30
China Import And Export Fair In 2009... 2009-03-16
New Year Vacation in 2009 2009-01-19
Exhibition Imformation of JINLI 2007-10-15

What We Believe In
JINLI’s drive and innovation, supported by the reliable chain of development, manufacturing, sales, distribution, purchasing and customer service confirm our commitment to our global customers ---- Environmental Protection, People Oriented and Excellence.

Since 1985, JINLI entered the field of electrical appliances and lighting industry. Today……

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